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  • Wonkette Book Club: The Wishful Thinking War

    Progressives are always being told we need to face reality. There’s no way we can have health care for everyone because it’s just not realistic. Controlling global warming can’t be done because running an advanced economy on clean energy “defies the laws of physics” (according to an oil lobbyist with a BA in political science). […] More

  • Trump Puts Twitter Hit Out On Adam Schiff But The True Threat To Democracy Is Schiff's Rudeness

    Super religious man of God Donald Trump kicked off his Sunday with bitterness, resentment, and thinly veiled death threats. The president’s grossness will never rest — not even on the seventh day. Trump took aim at his personal Javert, Adam Schiff, who he believes has not “paid the price yet” for performing his constitutional duty. […] More

  • Betsy DeVos Flunks History, Human Decency

    Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said some stupid crap the other day. She’s an incredibly stupid person and likes to stay on brand. DeVos, who bought her Cabinet position at a GOP donor auction, took on the horrors of reproductive freedom at a Colorado Christian University event. She went so far (and so low) as to […] More

  • Bored Sixth-Graders Offer Tips To Help Republicans Behave Themselves At Impeachment Trial

    The day after Chief Justice John Roberts told both sides in Donald Trump’s impeachment trial to behaaave themselves and remember they’re speaking before the World’s Greatest Deliberative Body, several Republican senators decided Wednesday they found the whole thing tedious, so they left their seats, ducked out to the cloakrooms, nodded off, and generally behaved like […] More

  • Stupid Man Who Is Somehow US President Embarrasses Himself At Davos

    Donald Trump’s impeachment trial is underway, but he’s still free to embarrass us. The Constitution doesn’t cover everything. Trump showed his ass at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. It was a collection of Trump’s worst hits that you forgot to send back to Columbia Record House in time so you’re stuck with it. […] More

  • Trump tweeted so hard during his impeachment trial he broke a record

    Trump tweeted so hard during his impeachment trial he broke a record

    If you were to glance regularly at Donald Trump’s Twitter feed, you could be fooled into the thinking the guy’s got too much time on his hands. Pretty much every day marks a fresh tweetstorm in Trump-land, but Wednesday — the second day of the president’s impeachment trial — he took things to a whole […] More

  • Trump says society needs to 'cherish' and 'protect' Elon Musk

    Trump says society needs to 'cherish' and 'protect' Elon Musk

    Society must come together to “protect” and “cherish” Tesla CEO Elon Musk like the walking Fabergé egg that he is.  So insisted Donald Trump today during a freewheeling CNBC interview that covered everything from Trump’s best bud Tim Apple to how he’s pretty sure Zuckerberg wants to run for president. But it was Trump’s almost […] More

  • John Roberts Not Our Real Dad, Can't Make Us Be Nice. Impeachment Trial Liveblog, Day Two!

    Hola! Time for the opening arguments part of the impeachment trial of Donald John Trump. Late last night after we went to bed, apparently there was some kind of dust-up where Jerry Nadler and the Democrats were tired of the constant lying and bullshit from Donald Trump’s lying bullshit lawyers, and Trump assface lawyer Pat […] More

  • Trevor Noah unpacks day 1 of Trump's impeachment trial

    Trevor Noah unpacks day 1 of Trump's impeachment trial

    We’re one day into the impeachment trial of Donald J. Trump and things are already hectic. Trump’s legal team, including defense attorney Alan Dershowitz, have swung into action in the Senate, putting forward their argument that the president “did absolutely nothing wrong,” and that “Abuse of Power is not an Impeachable Offense.” The Daily Show‘s […] More

  • Mitch McConnell Makes Turtle-Piddle All Over Trump Impeachment Trial (Liveblog, Day One!)

    Good afternoon from the United States Capitol, where we Not Are! The Senate impeachment trial of Donald John Trump commences today, and we are ready for the shitshow, we guess! In the dead of night last night, Moscow Mitch McConnell finally released his proposed Senate rules, and oh boy, we guess he’s just decided he […] More

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