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  • All These Democrat Criminal Justice Reform Plans Is A COP!

    In the last week, both Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren released plans for criminal justice reform, joining a big crowd of Democratic candidates with proposals to fix our dysfunctional justice system. Whoever gets the nomination, there’s no shortage of good ideas that deserve action if WHEN Dems take back the White House and Senate in […] More

  • Jay Inslee Ends Campaign To Spend More Time With Planet

    Washington Gov. Jay Inslee announced last night he’s ending his presidential campaign after not reaching the polling threshold to be included in the September Democratic debates. On MSNBC’s “Rachel Maddow Show,” Inslee said he was glad his campaign had “advanced the dialogue” on climate change in the 2020 race, and that he believes America is […] More

  • Elizabeth Warren WILL NEVER APOLOGIZE … Oh, She Just Did!

    Elizabeth Warren apologized yesterday for her past claims of Native American heritage, including her ill-considered decision last year to take a DNA test after Donald Trump goaded her to with a promise that he’d pay a million dollars if she did. Instead of settling the matter, that DNA test offended quite a few Native leaders, […] More

  • Elizabeth Warren Has A New Deal For Native America

    Elizabeth Warren is doing her best to put together a comprehensive package of interlocking policies that could make the American economy and government fairer, more equitable, more kind, and just all around better. It’s pretty damned impressive — and on the whole, probably the most progressive set of policy reforms since the New Deal. For […] More

  • John Hickenlooper, We Didn't Even Know Her!

    Former Colorado governor John Hickenlooper, unable to make enough headway in fundraising and polling to have much shot at qualifying for the September Democratic presidential primary debates, is planning to drop out of the presidential race today, according to several reports. Hickenlooper is eyeing a run for US Senate against incumbent Republican Cory Gardner, although […] More

  • Elizabeth Warren Has A Plan To Make Shopping At Walmart Less Shooty

    Over the weekend, 17 of the Democratic presidential candidates spoke at a forum on what to do about guns, held by Everytown for Gun Safety in Des Moines, Iowa. Two of them published plans outlining what they’d do to reduce gun violence. Joe Biden wrote an op-ed for the New York Times calling for a […] More

  • Elizabeth Warren Has A Plan For The Rural Jurors

    Elizabeth Warren is at it again with another policy proposal, this one aimed at revitalizing rural America, which she says has been squeezed by increasingly consolidated agribusinesses, and largely ignored by Washington. It’s a good old progressive agenda for the heartland that should shut up anyone who thinks reaching out to rural voters means you […] More

  • Everything Is Terrible And We Could Use Some Nice Things

    Waking up to news of a second mass shooting within 24 hours, we have to admit it almost seemed inappropriate to be bringing you kittens and puppies and lite news things. There’s so much horror — is it irresponsible to look away? But we had this thing partly written already, and maybe it would help […] More

  • What Fox News Questions Will CNN Ask Tonight?

    The second half of the second Democratic debate will be held tonight, and we’re just itching to see how CNN can improve on its first outing last night, which wasted an assload of time on the national anthem, introducing the candidates, explaining the game-show rules, and for some reason having Anderson Cooper drive a teensy […] More

  • Dems Can Win If They're More Like Warren G. Harding. Good Call, New York Times!

    The New York Times ran a forgettable, anodyne “what folks in a swing district think” piece today, and even though we just finished reading it, it’s already vanishing from our memory as surely as the hint of citrus flavor in a can of La Croix water. By coincidence, it also left us mildly gassy. The […] More

  • Kamala Harris Healthcare Plan Is A COP. Just Kidding, It's Pretty Good Actually

    Kamala Harris released her very own healthcare proposal today, an interesting blend of Medicare For All and and private insurance that would phase in more slowly than the four or five years the major proposals for M4A have envisioned. Clearly aimed at preempting the squawks from insurance companies that would be forced out of business […] More

  • Kamala Harris Is President Of Making Trump Republicans Sh*t The Bed

    After the first Democratic debate, we wrote about Kamala Harris’s performance with the headline “Kamala Harris Shows America What She’ll Do To Trump, If You’ll Let Her.” The way Harris commanded the stage of eight million Democrats that night and ran the room like she owned it, the way she cut through with authority and […] More

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