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  • Arlo's New Essential Indoor Camera Is Now Available to Pre-Order

    Arlo's New Essential Indoor Camera Is Now Available to Pre-Order

    Arlo’s $99 Essential Indoor Camera features a unique automated privacy shield to block all kinds of recording. It is now available to pre-order and due to start shipping by the end of the month. A Privacy-Focused Indoor Camera The Essential Indoor Camera is a basic indoor camera from Arlo that was first announced at CES 2021. The main […] More

  • Shiny Normal Thing! Actual Educator Miquel Cardona Confirmed As Education Secretary

    Former Education Secretary Betsy DeVos resigned the day after her former boss incited a mob to attack the Capitol. We haven’t missed her, but now it’s time to welcome President Joe Biden’s new Education secretary, someone who supports education. The Senate confirmed Miguel Cardona in a 64-33 vote on Monday. Cardona began his career teaching […] More

  • Ultimate Guide to Selecting the Best Video Editing Software in 2021

    Ultimate Guide to Selecting the Best Video Editing Software in 2021

    There are different excellent video editing software on the market; determining one as the absolute best is quite unlikely. This guide puts that decision in your hands. Here, you find a list of important factors to consider when deciding which video editing software is the best for you. These factors include: The software price and […] More

  • Biden Says Deported Parents Of Separated Kids Can Come Back, Does Not SEEM To Be A Trap

    Biden Says Deported Parents Of Separated Kids Can Come Back, Does Not SEEM To Be A Trap

    Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas announced yesterday that migrant parents and children separated by Donald Trump’s family separation policy will be allowed to reunite in the US if they want, something that immigration advocates have been calling for since the separations began. During a White House briefing Monday, Mayorkas called Trump’s experiment in “deterring” illegal […] More

  • When Will Chatbots Become Better Than Humans?

    When Will Chatbots Become Better Than Humans?

    How often do you have full conversations with chatbots? It might happen more than you think.  These days, millions of businesses are employing chatbots for sales, customer service, and dozens of other functions, giving people the fluidity and directness of conversation without requiring an actual human agent to step in.  Some of the advantages of […] More

  • FactChecking Trump’s CPAC Speech

    FactChecking Trump’s CPAC Speech

    In his first public speech since leaving office, former President Donald Trump delighted his audience at the Conservative Political Action Conference with numerous false and misleading claims, many of them criticisms of his successor. Trump falsely claimed that since President Joe Biden took office there has been “a massive flood of illegal immigration into our […] More

  • What to Cook This March

    Learn what

    Can you feel it? Spring is coming! We made it to March. Asparagus is on its way and we’ll finally have more fresh fruits and vegetables to work with this month. I’m excited to grow even more tomatoes and veggies this year. Our new house came with several raised beds, so I’d better start planning. […] More

  • How You Can Use IoT To Enhance Your Business Operations

    How You Can Use IoT To Enhance Your Business Operations

    IoT is growing as more smart devices, from light bulbs to vacuums, give us more control and automation capabilities. IoT can be a massive benefit to all kinds of business operations. If you want your company to enjoy the advantages of IoT, you’ll be well on your way by reviewing our tips below. Increase Energy […] More

  • Dr. Fauci gets real about which COVID-19 vaccine you should try to get

    On Saturday, the U.S. government authorized a third coronavirus vaccine for emergency use, this one from Johnson & Johnson.  Notably, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine only requires shipping and storage temperatures of that of a standard refrigerator, making it more accessible than the other two. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine also only requires one shot […] More

  • Traditional Irish Colcannon Potatoes

    Bowl of colcannon.

    This is my family’s authentic Irish Colcannon recipe. In this easy side dish, mashed potatoes are mixed with scallion-infused milk, plus kale or cabbage. Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. Colcannon is an ever-popular Irish potato side dish. And what’s not to love with mashed potatoes livened up with scallion-infused milk and greens (kale or cabbage)…. […] More

  • Rainbow Chicken Salad with Almond Honey Mustard Dressing

    Rainbow Chicken Salad with Almond Honey Mustard Dressing

    One thing I love: this honey mustard dressing, which I am still licking off my fingers as I type this. Rude. Sorry. Quick question: how do we feel about fruit in salad? Red grapes, blueberries, that kinda thing? I feel reeeeeal good about it. Like, a whole bunch of juicy fresh yum just landed right […] More

  • The War of Jenkins’ Ear

    The War of Jenkins

    Transcript Throughout history, there have been many causes for wars. Surprise attacks, broken marriages, unpaid debts, and even, of course, good old greed.  However, an 18th-century war between Great Britain and Spain had perhaps the oddest genesis of all: a severed ear.  Learn more about the War of Jenkins’ Ear on this episode of Everything […] More

  • Fun and Easy Easter Fruit Salad Recipe

    Cute and healthy Easter fruit salad recipe for kids

    This fun and easy Easter fruit salad recipe with cute melon shapes makes a great healthy Easter dessert or breakfast for kids! Easter is on it’s way and I’m excited to have lots of new Easter recipes to share with you this year! I’ve got some yummy Easter treats in store, including a much-requested variation […] More

  • Vegan Mug Cakes – What Microwaves Were Made For!

    Vegan Mug Cakes - What Microwaves Were Made For!

     Vegan mug cakes have to be the most exciting thing you can make in a microwave. They are super quick and super delicious. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] Source link More

  • The Princes in the Tower

    The Princes in the Tower

    Transcript In 1483, the King of England, Edward V, and his brother were taken into custody by his uncle Richard the Duke of Glouster and placed into the Tower of London.  Both the king and his brother were never seen again. They just….disappeared.  It is probably the greatest unsolved mystery in British History. Learn more […] More

  • The 50 Best Hiking Quotes to Inspire Your Adventures

    Original content owned & copyrighted by Green Global Travel. Hiking and camping has never been more popular than it is now, in the COVID era. According to the Washington Post, sales of guides to hiking, camping, and road trips were way up in 2020, especially when compared to the rapid decline in sales of other travel […] More

  • Bamboo Forest, Maui: The best guide to hikes on the Road to Hana


    Follow the path to the Bamboo Forest Maui! If you’re anything like me, lush greenery and thundering waterfalls are the images that come to mind when you think ”tropical paradise.” And that’s exactly what Bamboo Forest, Maui, is: a little slice of heaven on Earth.  With such a splendid natural setting, I’m not surprised how […] More

  • the perfect margarita

    the perfect margarita

    This week many of us are coming up on the anniversary of all sorts of things we had little idea would define the year ahead. I remember saying things like “these masks are really expensive but they’re all that’s available, should I buy them?” (yes, Deb, and also some flour) and “they can’t cancel school, […] More

  • DOOGEE Announces Rugged, Affordable S86 With 8500mAh Battery

    DOOGEE Announces Rugged, Affordable S86 With 8500mAh Battery

    There are many Android smartphones on the market from big brands like Samsung, LG, Google, and so on. But every so often, one of the smaller device manufacturers creates a phone that makes us take notice. That’s the case with the newly-announced DOOGEE S86 rugged phone. Not only does it feature a design that can […] More

  • Newness raises $3.5 million for its ‘Twitch for beauty streamers’

    Newness raises $3.5 million for its ‘Twitch for beauty streamers’

    Newness, a startup co-founded by former Twitch employees, has raised $3.5 million in a Sequoia-led seed round for its live-streaming platform aimed at beauty creators and their fan communities. Though today’s creators are not without options when it comes to livestreaming — Twitch, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and Facebook are all popular choices — Newness is […] More

  • Joe Biden Cancel Cultures A Bunch More Dumb Trump Garbage

    Joe Biden Cancel Cultures A Bunch More Dumb Trump Garbage

    President Joe Biden used his executive authority this week to clear away more detritus left behind by his predecessor, revoking Donald Trump’s orders and memoranda on immigration, federal architecture standards, and “anarchist jurisdictions,” as if such a thing ever existed in the first place. There’s just so much stupid Trumpy shit to clean up, given […] More

  • NumPy 1.20 introduces type annotations

    NumPy 1.20 introduces type annotations

    NumPy 1.20.0, described as the largest-ever release of the scientific computing package for Python, has arrived, introducing new capabilities such as type annotations and expanded use of SIMD (single instruction, multiple data). Release notes for NumPy 1.20.0 indicate type annotations have been added for large parts of NumPy. There also is a new numpy.typing module […] More

  • Posts Spread Fake Biden Tweet About Coca-Cola, Diversity Training

    Posts Spread Fake Biden Tweet About Coca-Cola, Diversity Training

    Quick Take A popular image is made to appear as if President Joe Biden posted a racist tweet discussing Coca-Cola and “cultural reappropriation.” There is no record of Biden ever posting that tweet. Full Story An image circulating on social media is made to look like a tweet from President Joe Biden discussing Coca-Cola and […] More

  • Republicans try to equate summer BLM protests with Jan. 6 insurrection at hearing on terrorism


    Republicans rolled out their narrative response to Democrats who were intent to see a law enforcement crackdown on the far-right extremist elements who assaulted the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 during Wednesday’s hearing of a House Judiciary subcommittee on “The Rise of Domestic Terrorism in America.” It resembled a team version of the “let’s throw shit […] More

  • How to use Machine Learning for IoT Analysis

    How to use Machine Learning for IoT Analysis

    Machine Learning and the Internet of Things (IoT) have been the buzzwords for the decade. These technologies find application in almost all industries, from enabling artificially intelligent powered digital assistants to the supply chain’s automation. They have revolutionized not only how we interact on social media but also how we pay the bills. Here is […] More

  • Relationship/Crime Advice: Don't Call Your Ex A 'Moron' On Your Way Back From A Coup

    If there is anything we know for certain about the people who attempted to overthrow the government January 6, it is that not only are they terrible human beings, but that they are terrible at crime. They didn’t cover up their faces, they did livestreams, they took selfies, they posted about it on social media, […] More

  • Stoke Space wants to take reusable rockets to new heights with $9M seed

    Stoke Space wants to take reusable rockets to new heights with $9M seed

    Many launch providers think reusability is the best way to lower the cost and delay involved in getting to space. SpaceX and Rocket Lab have shown reusable first stages, which take a payload to the edge of space — and now Stoke Space Technologies says it is making a reusable second stage, which will take […] More

  • Never lose a signal again with this speedy Netgear mesh WiFi system on sale

    Never lose a signal again with this speedy Netgear mesh WiFi system on sale

    Save $350: The Netgear Orbi Pro SRK60 tri-band mesh WiFi system 3-pack for up to 7,500 square feet is $329.99 at Amazon as of Feb. 25.  With more major premieres for movies and shows on streaming platforms, you can’t take a chance on spotty WiFi. No one wants the next big reveal from WandaVision ruined […] More

  • The 9 Best Free Font Websites for Free Fonts Online

    The 9 Best Free Font Websites for Free Fonts Online

    Not everyone can afford the license for a popular paid font. If you’re looking for a font to use in a new branding project, a poster, or website, you might be on the lookout for a font that you can use commercially, and preferably for free. Thankfully, the internet is filled with free font websites. […] More

  • Gather 'Round For The Dumbest Arguments Yet For Not Increasing The Minimum Wage

    Chris Rock joked that minimum wage was an employer’s way of saying, “If I could pay you less, I would, but it’s against the law.” The government hasn’t raised the minimum wage since 2009. It’s still just $7.25 an hour, and the price of lobster has gone up considerably in the past decade. President Joe […] More

  • Congressional Republicans flail in explaining opposition to COVID-19 relief everyone else wants

    US President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris meet with governors and mayors on his Covid-19 relief plan, in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, DC on February 12, 2021. (Photo by MANDEL NGAN / AFP) (Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images)

    Four hours of chaos, violence, and destruction at Capitol on Jan. 6 instigated by Donald Trump and hundreds of Republican elected officials who aided him in sowing doubt about the integrity of the election will cost the nation—just in monetary terms—more than $30 million. That includes attempting to address the trauma for all the Capitol Hill […] More

  • Parents of 105 separated children have been located, with efforts continuing for hundreds of others

    Migrant rights protesters demonstrate against forced family separations on the US Mexico border, outside police headquarters in Los Angeles on March 30, 2019. - The United States cut off aid to several Central American countries President Donald Trump accuses of doing nothing to stop the outflow of US-bound migrants, the State Department announced today. (Photo by Mark RALSTON / AFP) (Photo credit should read MARK RALSTON/AFP via Getty Images)

    Lawyers and advocates working to reunite families ripped apart at the southern border by the previous administration say they’ve found the parents of an additional 105 children since last month, NBC News reports. However, efforts to locate the parents of other 505 children remain ongoing, with lawyers and advocates saying they’ve been unable to locate parents for 322 children […] More

  • Is geofencing a protective bubble or a heap of trouble?

    Is geofencing a protective bubble or a heap of trouble?

    Even if it were to end today, the COVID-19 crisis will leave an indelible imprint on the infrastructure of our lives. In addition to the painted lines, warning signs, and other low-tech indicators that attempt to keep people safely separated, we’re seeing greater interest in technological solutions to enforce quarantines of infected individuals and keep […] More

  • Copyright Traps, aka Mountweazels

    Copyright Traps, aka Mountweazels

    Transcript Copyright is what protects creators from having someone copy and make money off of their work without compensation.  However, there are some things like directories or maps which have information that can be difficult to copyright. It’s just presenting information or data which exists out in the real world.  Such creators of maps and […] More

  • Family Guide to Parental Controls

    Family Guide to Parental Controls

    Download the PDF What are parental controls and what do they do? There are a variety of control tools and monitoring tools available to parents. Some are software products or mobile apps that you buy or subscribe to. Others are free and some are already present on your phone, tablet or computer operating systems or […] More

  • Recipe: Vegan Katsu Curry

    Recipe: Vegan Katsu Curry

    I’m linking this recipe with the CookBlogShare challenge, hosted this week by Melissa Traub. The post Recipe: Vegan Katsu Curry appeared first on The Veg Space. Source link More

  • Roasted Beet Salad with Goat Cheese & Pistachios

    roasted beet arugula salad recipe

    This roasted beet salad with greens is exactly what I’m craving right now. It’s hearty, fresh and spring-y, which is perfect as the weather turns from downright arctic to patio-worthy. Cookie and I couldn’t be more excited about the warmer temperatures and sunnier days! I bet you can relate. This salad was inspired by the […] More

  • CPAC Cancel Cultures Anti-Semitic Dipsh*t From CPAC Cancel Culture Conference

    CPAC Cancel Cultures Anti-Semitic Dipsh*t From CPAC Cancel Culture Conference

    The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) is set to get screaming this weekend, with the engaging theme “America Uncanceled.” Meeting in Florida instead of the usual DC site, the conference agenda features all sorts of fun sessions, like “Tolerance Reimagined: The Angry Mob and Violence in our Streets,” “California Socialism: Promising Heaven, Delivering Hell” (featuring […] More

  • North Korean Hackers Charged with Plot to Steal $1.3B

    North Korean Hackers Charged with Plot to Steal $1.3B

    The United States Department of Justice has given three North Korean hackers a formal notice that it is believed that they have actively been committing cybercrimes and have been plotting to steal approximately $1.3B from businesses, among many other crimes such as bank thefts and cryptocurrency heists. The three men who appear to be members […] More

  • How Long Does It Take To Get Global Entry?

    How Long Does It Take To Get Global Entry?

    We recently have had a few readers ask us how long does it take to get Global Entry because they applied months ago and have still not been conditionally approved. While the answer varies from person to person, there are a few factors that affect the timing, including the government shutdown. We both recently applied to renew […] More

  • Walnut Butter with Maple and Cinnamon

    Jar of walnut butter with a spoonful on top.

    Make this tasty Walnut Butter recipe with 4 simple ingredients in 15 minutes! The rich homemade nut butter is optionally flavored with cinnamon and maple syrup. This nutritious and delicious Walnut Butter recipe is made with simple ingredients and can be whipped up in no time! You only need 4 simple ingredients (walnuts, salt, cinnamon… […] More

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